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Christmas Party Table Settings - 14 Ideas for Centrepieces, Colours & More

11 Nov 14 By: Lene McGuinness

You’ve hired the venue, sent the invitations and even found a band (who you’ve instructed to not play Slade). Your Christmas party planning is running smoothly so far but then it hits you: what about table settings?

It’s an aspect of event planning that we can overlook at times with so many massive decisions to make and yet the tables and surrounding area are where many guests will spend the majority of the evening; until the dance floor livens up, of course.

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With that in mind here are 14 thoughts and ideas about Christmas party table settings and how to make them fresh, unique and not to mention beautiful. You might find a great idea for your party.

1. Don’t overdo it

Less is more when it comes to table settings, as you don’t want to come between guests and their food and drink. Table dressings should be beautiful but they shouldn’t hog too much attention. That has to be shared amongst guests and the various attractions of the party.

So what should you include?

2. Get cracking

Nuts and nutcrackers are a great looking and thematically relevant additions to the table top. They’ll keep idle hands occupied between dinner courses and they’ll add a rustic, wintery effect to your display.

3. Red and Green (should sometimes be seen)…

When selecting a colour scheme for your tablecloths, napkins and other tableware, why not opt for the classic Christmas colours and go with tradition? You can help people get into the spirit of things but do it in a tasteful way.

4. …or you could create a Winter Wonderland…

Another popular Christmas design theme is the icy tones of blue, white and even silver; which adds some sparkle, glitz and glamour to proceedings.

5. …or why not go for something else entirely?

Everybody knows they’re at a Christmas party, so maybe you don’t have to ram home the festive aspect of what is going on. You could choose a different colour palette altogether, like purple or even pink.

6. Animal magic

Christmas is synonymous with a number of majestic beasts, like reindeer, and some that aren’t exactly majestic but still pretty cute (we’re looking at you, penguins). It’s possible to create really wild, yet elegant table displays, with smart and sophisticated animal themed accessories.

7. Get in touch with nature

Pinecones, wreaths and evergreens: Christmas is synonymous with nature and it’s possible to work the breathtaking natural world into your centrepieces. Fill a plate or jar with pinecones, or create centrepieces with some typically wintery plant-life (real or artificial).

8. Let it snow

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, it’s easy enough to incorporate the white stuff into your table designs. Try some paper snowflakes, or pearly white flowers. You could even fill a vase or bowl with artificial snow. Just bear in mind that it might not all stay right there in the bowl.

9. Lights please

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without fairy lights and it doesn’t have to be. You could even wrap some Christmas lights around your centrepiece or hang them above the table; and that’s not all you could hang.

10. Let it all hang out…

Suspend an array of baubles and other decorations above the table to create for the eyes that diners can enjoy while tucking into a feast for their tummies.

11. …or think outside the box…

If you want to be more creative, why not stack your coloured baubles in a bowl on the table?

12. …or think inside the box.

You could even stack a set of small, coloured gift boxes for delightfully decorative touches.

13. It’s better to give

Those decorative boxes could actually contain small gifts for guests. People always remember party favours and a lovely little gift box will make your party favours extra Christmassy.

14. The name game

Finally, name cards help to organise table service and ensure that everybody enjoys the right food. A little name tag on each gift box addressing the persons in each seat position is a nice touch to do things a little differently.