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Classic, rustic or glamorous? A guide for themed events

07 Dec 15 By: Lene McGuinness

No matter what size or style of event you are planning, whether it is a wedding, an award ceremony or a corporate dinner, devising a theme is a fantastic way to get started. Classic, rustic and glamorous are three themes we regularly recommend to clients, as they can be used year-round with a variety of décor options available. Whatever theme you decide on, Allens Hire will have the furniture and catering equipment available for hire to fit in with your style.

A classic event can refer to a whole host of occasions; the word “classic” suggests décor and colours that will never look dated, such as black and white. Serving vintage cocktails such as Manhattans and Sidecars and requesting guests to dress in black tie would also complement a classic theme. Rustic events might feature country flowers, pastel shades and an abundance of candles, along with coloured glassware to emphasise the bohemian atmosphere. A glamorous event could channel old Hollywood with a wealth of red, white and gold decorations, with large floral and feathered table centrepieces.

Why should I have a theme?

Having a theme for parties and events has been increasingly popular in the wedding circuit over the past few years, and the corporate event circuit is now beginning to follow suit. Themes can work extremely well in terms of gaining the interest of your guests – the first place to start is the invitation. When you have decided on your theme, incorporate it into your invitation with colours and decoration and put it clear into words for your guests to understand. For example, stating that they are being invited to an “Old Hollywood Glamour 60th Birthday Party” does not necessarily mean they need to dress accordingly, but if you would like them to, you also need to include details of a dress code.

Themed events are becoming progressively more popular with corporate events, as no matter what theme you choose it will create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for colleagues to interact with each other at ease. Many Allens Hire clients have explained that themed events remove any office structures or levels of authority for the night, which not only boosts team morale but also helps everyone to feel equally valued.

Where do I start?

If you are struggling for ideas for your theme, think about what time of year you are holding the event and go from there. If you browse the online Allens Hire catalogue, you will be able to take inspiration from specific items which may influence your theme. For example, if you were to choose between classic, rustic or glamorous, you could take the following products into mind.

Classic: our elegant Verdi Glassware teamed with a black brocade linen and gold banquet chairs would form the basis of an effortlessly elegant and chic event.

Rustic: our jam jars make fabulous cocktail glasses, and when teamed with the natural limewash Camelot chair and olive green linen would create a beautiful and relaxed event.

Glamorous: a combination of our Riedel Glassware, Ascot medallion chairs with While Faux leather seat pads and White Brocade linen would create a fabulously stylish theme for your event.

If you would like any further information or more potential ideas for your next themed event, please email us on [email protected] or call our London office on 020 8574 9600. Alternatively if you are based on the South Coast, you can call 023 8065 2316.