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Expect Fireworks - 4 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bonfire Night Bash

22 Oct 14 By: Lene McGuinness

Autumn is such an amazing time of year. The leaves take on colours of red and burnt orange, the crisp, cool sky is largely blue and a variety of events encourage us to get wrapped up and enjoy ourselves.

The highlight of them all is Bonfire Night.

This year, you could head out with family and friends to a spectacular bonfire or fireworks display, or you could entertain them at home with your very own Bonfire Night Bash.

Here are 4 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bonfire Night Bash in 2014. Follow them all and “remember, remember” to put safety first.

1. Invite guests in good time

This year, Bonfire Night falls on a Wednesday night and there will be no shortage of exciting events scheduled for the weekends before and after, not to mention the night itself.

It’s incredibly important to get your invitations out and give your guests plenty of time because it won’t be too long before they all have other plans and your firework spectacular fizzles out altogether.

2. Plan your fireworks and bonfire

No get together can rightly consider itself a Bonfire Night bash without some fireworks. The key to a great show is timing. One person should be in charge of your display and they should take the necessary safety precautions. Preparations should be made well in advance, within daylight hours, and that’s the best time to read the instructions.

You can make the most of local public displays by rounding up guests and proceeding to the nearest event. Just ensure that visitors are aware of the plan and have the appropriate clothing, comfortable shoes or even wellies.

3. Prepare the garden area

Preparing your space is important, not simply because guests will enjoy decorations but also because you never know what the Great British weather will throw up on the big day.

If you’re planning a barbecue, it’s a good idea to put up a gazebo. This will also provide a dry seating area if rain is expected. Ensuring that there are enough seats for everybody is a must, even if many will stand, huddled together as the fireworks ascend.

If you need extra seating, you’ll find a wide variety of furniture hire options at Allens Hire, along with trestle tables, grills and everything else you’ll need for a brilliant bonfire barbecue.

Since the dark evenings are upon us, it will also be necessary to light your space. An external lamp is best and a string of festive fairy lights won’t just look the part, they’ll play a part in lighting up the garden/patio area.

4. Provide food and drink

A Bonfire Night barbecue or banquet is all about the handhelds. Beef burgers and hot dogs are ideal and there are loads of inventive recipes online for making both more interesting. Toffee apples are always welcome at this time of year and if you’re lighting a fire, you might want to provide guests with marshmallow skewers which they can toast themselves.

Drinks are important too and mulled wine is usually popular with grown-ups during winter. Soft drinks should do the trick for little ones and teas or coffee always go down well; particularly if you’re hosting a mid-week bash on a cool November evening.

From cocktail pitchers and glassware to drinks trays, linens and much more, Allens Hire is experienced in providing catering equipment and furniture to events and celebrations of every size. If you’re planning a Bonfire Night party for friends or a huge extravaganza that hundreds will attend, you’ll find everything you need to make the show a success right here.