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From A to BBQ - A guide to hygienic al fresco dining at your event

30 Jun 15 By: Lene McGuinness

When the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, there are plenty of opportunities to provide event visitors with an outdoor treat.

If you are catering an outdoor event this summer there are a number of additional challenges which this presents, most of which revolve around good hygiene.

Here at Allens Hire, we regularly supply independent caterers and companies with high quality, safety tested barbecue equipment for hire. We ensure that our equipment is operational and safe; particularly our gas supply. As the caterer, however, it is up to you to ensure that the food products you serve to visitors are safe.

A guide to serving barbecue at an outdoor event

- Always wash hands thoroughly before preparing food. After touching raw meat, wash them again.
- Keep all raw foods covered and away from cooked foods
- Ensure that frozen meat and poultry is completed unfrozen before cooking.
- Cook raw meat separately from other foods, for risk of cross-contamination
- Always use different utensils for handling cooked or raw meats
- Ensure chicken, burgers, sausages and other meat is cooked all the way through before serving
- Place the largest or thickest portions of meat farthest from the most intense heat to avoid burning them before they are cooked through.
- Turn all meat regularly to avoid burning one side of the meat while under-preparing the other
- All meat should be piping hot (75ºC) and all juices should run clear
- Serve cooked food immediately or store in a hot cupboard (available for hire now at Allens)

From gas and charcoal barbecues to hog roast units, paella pans and much more, there are a wide variety of gas appliances and BBQ’s available to hire from Allens. Catering professionals will also find stainless steel accessories and service equipment, hot cupboards, table tops and much more.

We provide the tools so that you can deliver a top notch catered event. All you have to do is rustle up the food and drink that visitors will enjoy.