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Hiring furniture for small spaces

17 Feb 20 By: Lene McGuinness

When you are organising an event, there is always a lot to think about - including how you are going to furnish a space. How you will do this will depend on the event you are holding. If you are hosting a business event, then you may need completely different furniture than if you are holding a public talk or a wedding. 

If you are hosting an event in a small space or need to furnish a small space as part of a larger event, then read our top tips below:

Folding chairs

If you are short on space, then folding chairs are what you need. Not only do they take up less space, but they are perfect when you are not too sure how many people will attend your event. Using folding chairs means you can order a few extra chairs without worrying where they will go or, if the attendance level is not quite what is expected, you can simply fold up the chairs, put them in the corner and let your guests have a little more space. 

Only hire the furniture you need

If you have limited space, then use a ‘less-is-more’ approach. Only hire the furniture needed and don't order any extra. For example, if your event doesn't need a sofa, but you think it will be nice to have - leave it out!

If you are holding a business event, think through what your delegates will need to get the most out of your event. For example, if your event is a business seminar and your delegates will need somewhere to write down notes or a place to put a laptop, then ensure you have an appropriate number of chairs and tables. As teas and coffees are always a winner at any event, make sure you have a table for these refreshments and work that into your room plan. 

For weddings taking place in a small venue, we recommend hiring folding or stacking chairs and decorating them with seat covers, ribbons or bows. Folding chairs take up less space and are easy to store if you need to flip the room into a place to party!

Use modular furniture

If you are looking to furnish a space with a breakout area or a place to relax as part of a bigger event, then using modular furniture can be a winner. Our Milan collection (pictured) is made up of modular chairs and stools. The collection also includes sofas and corner chairs, which can be used in several combinations to create a flexible arrangement which makes the most of your space. When designing a breakout area, avoid using large coffee tables as it can be awkward for your attendees to manoeuvre around it if it is too large for the room you have. Some of our lounge furniture have matching small side tables that can be used to break up modular furniture.

Choose a seating configuration that maximises space

If you are hosting a business event, talk or wedding make sure you use a seating configuration that not only suits the style of event you are hosting, but it also makes the most of the space you have. For example, business events are usually arranged in classroom, boardroom, Herringbone or horseshoe seating configurations, while weddings seating tends to follow theatre style. 

If you need to hire furniture for a small space then contact Allens Hire today.