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How to Choose a Theme for Your Party

21 Jan 15 By: Lene McGuinness

Planning a big party or event can be a daunting prospect – especially when it comes to picking a theme to tie the whole thing together. There’s always the worry that it will seem like a good idea at the time, but then prove too difficult to pull off. We’ve put together some tips to help you pick the right theme for your event.

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1.  What type of theme do you want?

Themes come in all shapes and sizes so first of all you need to decide is it simply a colour-based theme – red and gold for instance – or is it a more in-depth theme such as nautical? Or are you going all out on a particular style or era – maybe Gatsby or the 1950s?

2. Research

Once you’ve decided on a theme, you should double check that it’s feasible for you to carry it out. Think about all of the details you’ll need, from invitations and decorations to table linens and furniture, then speak to suppliers to see if it’s achievable before you start ordering and booking. This is much easier than having to change your plans later.

3. Get the details right

For a theme to be a success, every last detail needs to be spot on – it’s no good having a nautical theme, for example, without a co-ordinating style for the invites or table decorations. These will stick out and lessen the overall effect.

4. Fancy dress

A lot of themes don’t necessarily need fancy dress to work, but if you’re planning an era-based theme, it can be fun to ask guests to dress appropriately. A full-on 1920s theme, for instance, just wouldn’t feel right without everyone in flapper dresses andBoardwalk Empire-inspired suits.

5. Food and drink

If want to tie your food and drink into a theme, it doesn’t need to be difficult – just don’t over think it. Simple seafood or even fish and chips would be amazing with a nautical theme, while speakeasy-inspired cocktails would be fantastic for a Gatsby night.