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How to choose wedding canapés and when to dish them out

28 Apr 15 By: Lene McGuinness

The secret to an unforgettable wedding day could be as simple as keeping your guests well fed throughout the day.   Some of the formalities of weddings like photographs can seem to take a long time but if guests have a little to eat and drink while these are taking place they are more likely to enjoy times when otherwise they may feel they are waiting for things to happen.

A good selection of canapés can fulfil this role.

These small yet mighty servings of flavour play an important role throughout the day. They can be used to provide guests with a warm welcome, or to prepare them for their main wedding meal while mingling with other guests.

But which canapés should you choose, how many should you provide and when should your vendors dish them out? Here are a few ideas:

Popular meat canapés include

  • Black pudding with poached quail eggs and hollandaise
  • Duck breast chopsticks with dipping sauce
  • Pheasant goujons with garlic aioli
  • Mini ‘Toad in the hole’ with onion marmalade

 Popular fish canapés include

  • Smoked haddock and leek soufflé
  • Smoked salmon on brioche toast and celery with horseradish cream
  • Grilled tiger prawns in coconut and lime
  • Thai crab cakes with sweet chilli sauce

 Popular vegetarian canapés include

  • Wild mushrooms tortes with sour cream and thyme
  • Sweet potato scones with grilled goats cheese and sultana relish
  • Broad bean and pecorino falafel with lemon yoghurt
  • White bean cappuccino shots with lemon oil

Other pointers:

  • 5 canapés should be served per hour per person, from arrival at the reception for up to two hours
  • A large amount of canapés should be served if you are marrying before 2pm since guests aren’t likely to have eaten lunch
  • A variety of options should be served to cater to different tastes and dietary requirements
  • Meat, fish and vegetarian canapés should be served
  • A small amount of canapés options should be simple and easily recognisable so that all guests are comfortable with at least some of the options available
  • Sweet canapés should only be served at long receptions where they can be used to signify that the reception is over and the party is about to begin

Image: Tony Turnbull / The Times