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How to Throw a Spooktacular Halloween Party - The 5 Main Things You’ll Need

22 Oct 14 By: Lene McGuinness

First things first, a little hard truth: if you’re reading this, you’re probably too old to Trick or Treat.

The good news is that Halloween 2014 can still be unforgettable fun, particularly at a theme party.

Halloween is growing even more popular than ever before, particularly as former little monsters have grown up without losing their love of a ghoulishly good Halloween night. On 31 October, parties will be taking place all over the UK. Some will be family affairs, other work related or even charity dos.

If you’re planning a Day of the Dead bash, you might have realised how frightening a prospect it can be; but fear not, Allens Hire is here to explain the 5 things you need to throw the best Halloween party.

Yeah you’re too old for tricks but you can still enjoy one hell of a treat.

  1. A Killer Theme

You might opt for a traditional Halloween theme, with plastic vampire teeth and witches hats or you might ask guests to come as their favourite movie character.

There are loads of ways to breathe life into a Halloween theme, from the sophisticated to the downright ‘spooktacular’. Why not choose a single pop-culture reference and encourage guests to run with it? You could even monster-mash your theme ideas for something truly unique.

Haunted Downton Abbey anyone?

  1. Decorations

This might depend upon your theme but as a last resort, the age old tropes will definitely work. Even a stylish event can be given a hint of Halloween with a simple colour scheme of black and purple or pumpkin orange. 

For a less debonair affair, there are spider-webs or dangling bats; and don’t forget the basics. Themed plates, cups and tablecloths are always available.

The fun part is carving pumpkins and you could even ask guests to bring their own. No time carve out a masterpiece? Why not simply decorate your pumpkin with acrylic paints?

  1. Fun

Trick-or-treating’s off the table, but there are plenty of Halloween theme activities to choose from. You could have a costume competition to bring out the best in your guests outfits, and up the stakes with a prize to give people the incentive to get involved.

No Halloween party would be complete without bopping for apples, but you’d do well to bear in mind that this can make a mess and you might want to get permission from your venue if you’re not going to party at home.

  1. Food

Halloween is traditionally a time to indulge the sweet tooth and guests will enjoy digging into some sugary treats. Combine everybody’s favourite party foods with some extra special Halloween treats like decorated cookies or cakes; or use the innards from your pumpkins for a homemade pumpkin pie.

As an organiser, the best thing about sweets and cakes is that they add colour to your display. They’re delicious decorations (until they’re all gone, of course).

Depending on the event, however, you might also like to put out some savouries or hot foods and Allens Catering Equipment & Furniture Hire has everything you need to cater for small or large numbers.

  1. Drink

There’s one way that adults can have more fun than kids on all hallows eve: that’s with tasty themed cocktails that look the part and taste great too.

Try your hand at a Witch’s Brew, Black Magic or Morgue-a-rita. They really are to-die-for and there are plenty of other recipes lurking online.

All of your experimental Halloween cocktails can be served in our range of Allens Hire cocktail glasses. We also offer pitchers, strainers and everything else you need to kit your party out with creepy cocktail bar.