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Most Iconic Movie Dining Scenes….And how to recreate them

25 Aug 21

We all have our favourite film and even favourite movie scenes, here at Allens we’ve rounded up the most iconic movie dining scenes from Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

Whether it’s a luxury fantasy setting, or maybe just a hunger-inducing meal – these scenes steal the screen and are iconic in their own right. Now you can recreate your favourite scene for a special occasion as we’ve analysed our favourite dining scenes and show you what you need to get the look.

Beauty and The Beast

Ok, so this might seem like a strange one to start with but we’d argue that the Be Our Guest number from Beauty and the Beast is one of the most iconic dining scenes for a number of reasons. Firstly, dancing and singing crockery is nothing short of iconic. Secondly, we love the grandeur of this dining set up – the impossibly long table, the red tablecloth, the candelabras and intricately patterned crockery. Disney fans can relive this special scene and plan their own magnificent dinner party with the help of a few essentials from our event hire range. Here’s just a few of the dinner settings we’ve created that could easily lend.

Marie Antoinette

This cult favourite film has been recreated and reinterpreted by fans for years, with Marie Antoinette-themed dinner parties a popular occurrence. We love the opulence and nod to archaic dining styles in this film- the OTT cake stands, ornate China crockery, silver serving platters and ultra-aesthetic macarons are so fun and can be replicated for an Insta-worthy afternoon tea or Halloween dress-up dinner party. We have everything you need to nail a Marie Antoinette-themed dinner party – check out some of our more recent events where we channelled the fun and dramatic vibes found in the film.

Harry Potter

The Great Hall dining scenes from Harry Potter are some of the most stunning and visually exciting– the never-ending platters of food, the spontaneous owl mail delivery and floating candles are all synonymous with the magical film experience, as are the historic place settings and theming. We’ve recreated this iconic location on numerous occasions for various events- it’s all about the silverware- cutlery, serving platters and ornate chalices will elevate any muggle meal you serve. A heavy long wooden table will add the to vibe and create an authentic setting, though we’d advise you give the floating candles a miss!

James Bond

It’s all in the details when recreating the sleek, chic table settings from the iconic Bond series. Glassware must be delicately cut crystal, monochromatic table settings will help to reimagine the famous 007 dinner suit and cutlery should be polished to perfection. If you’re wanting to recreate the glamour of the iconic Casino Royale, why not opt for dramatic centrepieces and perhaps a game of roulette to entertain guests after dinner?

Game of Thrones

Another fan favourite – Game of Thrones dining scenes have been replicated for dinner parties, with hosts sharing their set ups all over Instagram. The mix of rustic medieval settings, royal decadence and other-worldly aesthetic makes GoT a serious contender in this list. To recreate the look, we’d focus on choosing a rich, textured velvet tablecloth, a mixture of metal stacking plates and platters and bronze-effect chalices. Brass and silver candlesticks should adorn your table and your dining chairs should be reminiscent of historic royal courts – high backed and ornate.

We offer equipment and furniture hire for every type of occasion, whether that’s an intimate dinner party at home or a wedding in a hired venue – we have everything you need to wow guests and create an evening to remember.