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New London food trends 2017

21 Nov 16 By: Lene McGuinness

London is the epicentre of the UK’s culinary trends and as always trends move fast in this city. 2016 saw clean eating reach its peak and gourmet kebab restaurants pop up across the city. This year was also a year of change and shocks; as we move into 2017, with a backdrop of political uncertainty and fast pace change, we take a look at what will be tickling the taste buds of the capital next year.


2016 has not been a predictable year, so it's no surprise that Londoners are looking for authenticity. But how will this manifest itself? According to a recent Time Out article, the greasy spoon is back. While many have gone, the ones that have weathered the storm are doing a brisk trade. What could be more authentic than a greasy spoon? Most are family-run, cheap, offer simple and familiar food as well feeding a thirst for nostalgia. To filter this trend into your event, offer dishes that evoke the institution that is the full English breakfast, with elements such as black pudding, bacon, proper sausages and beans.

French food is back

In recent years, French food has been seen as a bit ‘blah’; a cuisine that takes itself too seriously and is only for those who can afford a fine-dining experience. However, the tide is beginning to turn; a whole host of young chefs (some from France, some not) have been getting back to the rustic basics of Gallic food. Focusing on the dishes of Provence and Languedoc in the south of France and the spices of Morocco and Tunisia, chefs like Gregory Marchand and Ali Burgess are giving diners an informal offering that focuses on simplicity, rather than complicated techniques designed to earn Michelin stars. To bring this trend to your event, the flavourful stews of Provence make perfectly filling bowl food.

Healthy, convenient food

It seems like a healthy takeaway is springing up on every corner in central London. Dominated by the likes of POD and Abokado, these small chains are revolutionising London's lunchtime eating habits. Sandwiches are out and sushi, wraps, steamed buns and hot pots are in. These places focus on grains, fresh vegetables, meat, fish and warming broths with names like ‘Chicken Hug’. If you are hosting a lunchtime event then rather than the white industrial loaf sandwiches offer up comforting broths, sushi and colourful salads.

Burmese cuisine

Burmese food (AKA Myanmar) is the latest ethnic cuisine to hit London. 2015 and 2016 saw the rise of the Peruvian food scene and we predict that 2017 will be the year that the flavours of Myanmar take the capital by storm. While it’s hard to pin down what Burmese food actually is (there are 138 different ethnic tribes in Myanmar) it’s usually described as a fusion between Chinese and Indian food with some influence from Thailand. Stir fry and curry dishes make up most everyday meals. Bring these exotic flavours to your event with bowls of coconut-infused curry or Burmese inspired samosas.

Goat’s meat

According to the Evening Standard goat meat (AKA kid meat) is going to be London Town’s next big food trend. Goat meat is low in fat, high in protein and is starting to appear on menus across the capital from smokehouses to street food stalls. In fact, one street food stall called Gourmet Goat was nominated for the BBC’s Food and Farming Awards in 2016 – even Jamie Oliver is shouting about how tasty and healthy goat meat is. By offering goat meat at your event you give your guests the opportunity to try something different and healthy.

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