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Sparks Fly: Planning for a Bonfire Night party

29 Oct 22

As the weather starts to turn cold there are so many seasonal festivities to look forward to this autumn, including Bonfire Night. Whilst you might be attending professional fireworks displays or other large-scale event, Bonfire Night can be a perfect opportunity to plan your own evening of fun with family and friends. With mugs of hot cocoa and sparklers in hand, there are so many ways that to plan a night that everyone will enjoy.

However, it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why we’ve compiled our top tips for any Bonfire Night. With years of experience, we know what will make your party go off with a bang, so read on to find out more. Whether it’s food or entertainment, we’ve got a number of great suggestions to put on an evening your guests are sure to remember, as well as ways to stay safe if you are planning on organising fireworks as your showstopper.

Bonfire Event

The Main Event

If you are planning a Bonfire Night party, the first thing you may want to consider is if you are going to have a fireworks display. It is important to factor this in, as the size and scale of your display can affect how much needs to be organised as well as safety guidelines for your event. If you have decided to hire a venue, you’ll need to verify that fireworks are permitted and whether or not you have to supply a safety marshal to make sure everything is to code.

Not only this but, whether you’re organising a small intimate gathering at home or a large scale event at a separate venue, it’s important that you leave enough time in advance. Sourcing and purchasing enough fireworks for a display, whatever size or scale, can take time and be difficult to organise last minute. These are all things to be considered.

Bonfire Night Safety

Safety First

Whether you’re having fireworks or sparklers, Bonfire Night can mean that additional procedures have to be thought about to make sure you and your guests stay safe throughout the evening. If guests are bringing children, this can become even more important, as there is a higher risk that accidents could happen.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a quick checklist so that you can make sure you have planned for anything that could go wrong:

  • If you are planning on setting of fireworks or building a bonfire, it’s important that they are kept a good distance away from bushes, hedgerows, trees, and fences, as these are all highly flammable.
  • Make sure that guests are a suitable distance away from the bonfire or display, especially if there are children present at your event. In some cases, a fence or railing may be useful to help ensure that people don’t get too close.
  • Before setting up your fireworks or bonfire, clear as much dry debris (such as leaves and twigs) away so that no unwelcome fires start.
  • If you are using sparklers, have a bucket of sand near so that there is somewhere to put them when they have been used.

Staying warm on Bonfire Night

Staying Warm

In November, the temperatures can start to drop, and it gets much colder, something to keep in mind when hosting a Bonfire Night party. With families around and young children outside later than usual, it’s important to remind guests that warm coats, scarves, and gloves are essential, to stop people from catching a cold.

As the host, you might also want to offer some supplies, such as outdoor heaters and blankets, to make sure people can stay warm. This can also be a nice way to create an area where everyone can socialise, hiring outdoor seating and placing heaters so that your guests stay warm and happy all evening.

Bonfire Night Feast

Bonfire Feast

If you want to provide warm food and hot drinks for your guests, consider what type of catering works best for your event and convenience. In our opinion, the simpler the better, with BBQs and hot beverage dispensers making great solutions, as well as buffets for ease. It might even be a nice idea to have every person bring a different dish to contribute, if you are planning on a more low-key occasion with a smaller group.

Whatever you decide to choose, formal or casual, we have found that the only necessity is that the food is hot. Providing a way for guests to stay cosy on a chilly November evening is vital, which is why a warm meal can do wonders in making sure your partygoers stay happy all night long.

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