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Spooky Celebrations: How to throw a Halloween party your guests will love

24 Aug 22

As Autumn approaches fast, the spooky season looms. You might be already thinking about your Halloween costume and planning celebrations, including whether or not you are going to throw a party. Whatever size or scale, a Halloween party is an opportunity to have some fun, whether you go wild with decorations or plan a haunted banquet that your guests are sure to remember.

At Allens Hire, we have all sorts of products to inspire this year’s Halloween bash, whether you’re looking for items to create ghostly table settings, stunning dishes, or spine-chilling décor. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide outlining the best of our scary suggestions for your Halloween party, from our favourite products that you can incorporate to entertainment for your guests!

How to throw a Halloween party

Creepy Cocktails

A Halloween party is a great opportunity to go all out when it comes to your theme, from décor to food and drink. So, if you’re thinking of serving cocktails as your ghoulish gathering, why not make them extra spooky?

Maybe swap an olive for a fake eyeball in a martini? Or use strawberry sauce down the side of a glass to look like blood dripping out of a strawberry daquiri? There are lots of ways to make every beverage that bit more sinister, including the right choice of glassware. Here at Allens Hire, we have a number of different options, with blood red glassware , decorative drinking glasses , and water jugs that could match your spooky theme! Not only this, but we also have a variety of specialist cocktail and bar equipment , whether you need shakers, strainers, or ice buckets.

creepy cocktails

Menacing Munchies

To accompany your creepy cocktails, why not personalise some bites to eat? There are so many ways to create Halloween-themed food, whether you are planning a formal set menu or a casual buffet. You can bake cookies in the shape of the grim reaper or lay out food with carefully curated puns (devilish egg anyone?), adding extra details like this to your event makes it truly special and means your guests are sure to still be talking about those eyeball cake pops on the drive home.

Why not browse our choice of display and presentation equipment ? We have an amazing range of products to make sure your food looks as good as it tastes on any table, with roll top chafing dishes , three tier cake stands , and even restaurant trollies for a truly unique touch. Our chafing dishes and hostess hot trays are also a great way to keep food warm if you plan on having it sat out for a while.

Menacing Munchies

Terrifying Table Settings

If you are planning a blood-curdling banquet that will strike fear into the hearts of partygoers, it’s important that you create the perfect table setting to match. First you must decide on your colour scheme to leave you guests trembling, with colours like black and scarlet red being popular options for many people planning a Halloween celebration. Then you want to think about how you will make your table extra spooky, maybe add some fake cobwebs and spiders to the centrepiece, a bloody handprint to truly complete the décor?

At Allens Hire, we have a great range of products to inspire your fearsome table presentation, including candelabras , black stoneware dinner plates , and a wide selection of table linen in a variety of shades and styles.

Terrifying table settings

Do the Monster Mash

Last but certainly not least, if you are planning on hiring a venue for your party and want to really go all out, then why not hire a dance floor? It helps to create a designated place for people to boogie to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Ray Parker Jnr’s rendition of Ghostbusters, as well as any games or entertainment you have planned for the rest of the night.

At Allens Hire, we have a great selection of dance floors available for rental, with different sizes and shapes to suit your specific venue. Simple to set up and an easy way to protect your venue’s floors (and your deposit), these are a good idea for any Halloween party where you and your guests plan on dancing all night long.

Monster Mash

Why choose Allens Hire?

Here at Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire, we’ve helped people to host all sorts of events, whether it’s a Halloween party or a wedding reception. We have a variety of products available to rent, whether it’s table linen, furniture , bar supplies , glassware , or even kitchen appliances .

Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellent customer service, so why not contact our team at today and they will be on hand to help you with whatever you might need. We can answer questions you might have about your order, as well as provide you with quotes and recommendations for other products we think could add that extra special touch you’re looking for. So, to plan the Halloween party of the century, reach out to us here at Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire!