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The Ultimate Wedding Breakfast Checklist

27 Jun 18 By: Lene McGuinness

The best way to have a smooth-running day featuring all of your favourite things, is to plan ahead and one of the elements that will take a lot of organisation is the food. The wedding breakfast is one of the most important parts of your day and you have the opportunity to showcase a little of yours and your partner’s personality not only through cuisine but also through décor and serving style, ensuring all of your guests enjoy it just as much as you do. Here’s what you’ll need for an amazing dining experience.


Probably easy to overlook but oh so important, seating will play a huge part in the décor of your wedding breakfast. Comfortable and stylish are two factors you need to consider when (literally) seating your guests, as well as the inevitable, the cost. Allens has an excellent range of wedding chairs appropriate for any occasion and to suit any taste and budget. If you’re going for a minimal yet slightly whimsical approach in your décor, you can complete the look with the elegant French Chantilly Chair. If your theme is a little more futuristic (stark whites and green plants instead of flowers) you might want to consider the understated Phantom chair. For weddings with a sleek, sophisticated décor, there are also the Tall Black and the Ascot Medallion. All of these fantastic seating options will be the perfect assets to the overall aesthetic of your big day.

Tables and Linen

Whether you want guests gathered around round tables, a huge banquet style set up or even a slightly more laid-back buffet and sit where you like style, a beautiful table set up will likely be the centrepiece of the room. A table setting can really define your choice of décor, so if are planning a summer wedding full of colourful flowers, natural wood and pastel colours, try our Trestle tables paired with a vibrant table cloth from our expressions collection. If you’re after a bit of glitz and glam for your big day, our round tables come complete with classy white table cloths which will instantly transform any venue. Pair this look with candelabra and red roses for a touch of true glamour. Allens also has a great choice of Linen to dress your table, from the understated Matisse to the eye-catching shimmer design to the beautifully patterned Kensington variety that are guaranteed to bring a touch of pure luxury.

Glassware and China

It’s a given that food and drink will be flowing throughout the day so making decisions regarding glassware and china is essential. For example, toasting the bride and groom, drinking wine at the table and enjoying a delicious wedding breakfast are all things that require thought and for a complete finish to your décor, it’s essential that your glassware and China fit into your overall look. Gorgeous glassware options available at Allens include the contemporary and sophisticated Degustazione or the Sofia Glassware which oozes romance – perfect for a wedding. For a little touch of wow try the beautifully intricate Nachtmann range, cut from the finest crystal. Whether vintage, contemporary or somewhere in between is your thing, China plates look always look great. Allens range includes plain white and contemporary as well as colourful with normal plates, cups and dishes as well as canape platters available to hire.