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Unique ideas for a Christmas party

29 Sep 16 By: Lene McGuinness

The corporate Christmas party has changed of late; gone are the excesses and legendary stories, which were common in the pre-recession era. Such parties have become more sedate affairs as businesses rolled in their spending. Things are now changing again; while the booze-fuelled parties of the past are out, Christmas parties have now become more about immersive and highly themed events – requiring guests to do more than just turn up, eat food and drink. We have delved into this brave new world to bring you some unique ideas for your Christmas party.


Get your colleagues and clients together for a bit of Christmas crafting. The art of crafting has become somewhat fashionable of late, with the likes of Kirstie Allsopp spearheading its revival. Get together to make gingerbread houses, Christmas wreaths or bling up some Christmas baubles. Crafting is not only fun, but a great team-building activity too.

Immersive themes

Highly themed events, which immerse you into a narrative and make you part of the experience, are currently very popular – epitomised perhaps by the resurgence of The Crystal Maze venue in central London. Another immersive event that will no doubt be popular this year includes Once upon a Time – described as “a multi-sensory immersive dining experience, hosted in the heart of Mayfair.” This event brings Christmas and toys to life in a way that “only true believers will understand.”

Christmas markets

London now has a plethora of Christmas markets,with the biggest and most famous being Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It is possible for groups to visit and enjoy attractions such as ice skating, the ice bar and more. Somerset House, on London’s Embankment, also holds an elegant Christmas market with the alpine-themed Fortnum’s Christmas arcade – perfect for impressing your guests.


Christmas is all about nostalgia and tradition, and giving your guests a blast from the past will help to break the ice. Nostalgia can be invoked in many ways from screening popular Christmas movies such asHome Alone,to seasonal smells or childhood Christmas foods. Themes also play a part in this; you can take some inspiration from literature and create aNarnia-inspired winter wonderland, or get creative with Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novelTheHogfather. You could even step back in time to the Victorian era with a theme derived fromA Christmas Carol.

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