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18 Brilliant Christmas Party Tips from the Allens Hire Twitter Feed

03 Nov 14 By: Lene McGuinness

It’s that time again: the time for Christmas shopping to begin in earnest and, for some, that means Christmas party planning begins too.

For the past couple of month’s we’ve been publishing Christmas Party Tips from the Allens Hire Twitter account but if you haven’t been following us you might have missed out.

Fortunately for you, we’re rounding up all 18 top tips right here on the Allens Hire blog. Take a read and let us know if we were able to help you out.

1. Set the date early

Christmas is a busy time of year and by October social calendars are already filling up nicely, so choose a date ASAP, if you haven’t already, so guests can factor your event into their plans.

2. Decide on a budget

Everything about your Christmas party, from food and drink to the venue and entertainment, will depend on how much money you have to spend. Find out what your budget is and stick to it.

3. Give the people what they want (by finding out what that is)

If you want your party to be perfect, find out what the people involved care about most. Ask for ideas on location, activities, dress code and more; and ask if they’d like partners to be involved.

4. Find that right venue

Choosing a Christmas party venue is tougher than you think. It’s really important to make a list and check availability, accessibility and prices before making a decision on where the party will be held.

5. Think of a theme

The best Christmas parties have a memorable theme, so which theme idea will you choose? Will it be a Santa’s grotto or a winter wonderland? Or will it be something less expected like a carnival?

6. Let them eat cake (amongst other things)

Food is a major part of a Christmas bash. Will you lay on a buffet or a three-course meal? Decide what’s best for guests and who will provide the grub; and don’t forget about vegetarians.

7.Organise the drinks

There’s more to a Christmas party than a venue bar, so plan ahead. You could offer welcome drinks or special festive cocktails; and if you’re serving food, you might want to offer coffee with dessert.

8. Choose the right music

Most parties will hire a DJ and a live act or band. It’s a good idea to liaise with the venue to ensure a sound system is in place. Then all that’s left is to choose the right songs. White Christmas anyone?

9. Extra features

When it comes to entertaining guests, you don’t need to stop at a Take That cover band. Bring your party to life with games, rides or even fireworks; as long as they’re within your budget, of course.

10. Write a full itinerary

If you’re having too much fun, you might forget about speeches, thankyou’s or awards. That’s why it is important to write a full itinerary for the night ahead; and make sure everyone involved sticks to it.

11. Be prepared

While writing your itinerary, make sure guests have had the opportunity to make suggestions and if people are participating in the big event, make sure you have your timings right with a run through.

12. Add some party favours

Christmas parties live longer in the memory when they give something back. You could hire a photographer so guests can enjoy photos of the night; or why not put together some goody bags?

13. Make transport arrangements

How are people going to get to and from your event? Make transport arrangements which fit with your itinerary and at the very least make sure your guests have taxi numbers to get home safely.

14. Set the tone with invitations

Once the groundwork is finalised it’s time to send out invites. In addition to getting people to the party, your invites will help you set the tone for the event so keep your theme in mind.

15. Have a table plan

It’s impossible to cater for high volumes of people without an adequate table plan. Use numbers, or even names which fit your theme, and make sure guests and caterers understand the plan.

16. Give out programmes

If you’re throwing on a diverse night of activity for people, make sure guests know what to expect and when. Simple programmes will ensure that nobody misses out on any of the fun.

17. Meet and greet

On the big day be sure to meet and greet all the people involved and make sure that they know where to turn if any issues arise. Then you can all enjoy a night of fun and excitement together.

18. Don’t forget to ask for feedback

Once the night is over, don’t forget to ask for feedback. This will help you to understand what guests enjoyed the most; and make next year’s party even better as a result.

Stay tuned to the Allens Hire Twitter account for more helpful tips on planning an event and seeing it through.