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Your Ultimate Guide to a Canapé Party

06 Jan 20 By: Lene McGuinness

A canapé party is a versatile event that can be used for a business event, press event, birthday party or a launch event. What type of canapés you serve is up to you, but we always recommend that you offer both hot and cold options as well as making sure you cater to a number of diets – including vegan, gluten free and dairy free options.

How many canapés to serve per-person?

How many canapés to serve per person will depend on the type of event you are holding. However, as a general rule we recommend between 6-8 savoury canapés and 2-3 sweet canapés per-person.

What should you use to serve canapés?

Canapé and serving trays are your best option for serving canapés. The type of trays you may want to use will depend on the theme and type of event you have organised.

If you want to have a natural or rustic look, then opt for a wooden board, slate tray or a handmade glass platter. These are perfect for little finger foods made of local and natural ingredients. If you are looking for a sleeker vibe, then choose a coloured glass platter, a Perspex tray like our triangle canapé platter or glossy black platter where your colourful cuisine will take centre stage. Our modern and sleek collection of canapé platters are ideal for Asian inspired dishes.

For something a little quirkier, hire our chessboard canapé platters or opt for the cosmic swirl of our black handmade glass tray. If you are planning an event with a festive theme, then choose from our range of frosted glass trays.

Bowl canapés have become a growing trend in the last few years. Choose from our selection of tapas bowls that come in an array of colours and textures, such as Japanese inspired bowls or our striking sloping bowls.

Another trend that has taken off in recent years is bento boxes, perfect for events where health and wellness takes centre stage or for meetings. Our bento boxes complete with lids can be handed out to your guests to enjoy a fully balanced meal. 

When it comes to choosing your platters and trays, think about the space you have as you may want to opt for small trays if your serving staff don’t have much room to circulate.

What drinks to serve?

Typically, beer, wine and soft drinks are served at a canapé reception, however, you can serve any drinks you wish. Many events now serve an arrival cocktail with a similar mocktail also available for those that don’t drink alcohol or are driving. Also ensure you have a selection of low alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks, there are a handful of good low-alcoholic beer, ciders and gins now on the market, so there is no excuse to elevate your non-alcoholic drinks offering. If you know you will have a number of vegans attending your event, ensure that the wine and beer you have chosen has been certified as vegan as many are not.

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