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Chairs uncovered

29 Jul 15

If you’ve attended a wedding, party or other formal event in recent years, you’ll have noticed the trend towards covering chairs up with seat covers, often with ribbons or other decorations. Although this does tie the furniture neatly into the event’s colour scheme or theme, it can often simply be because the chairs themselves are not aesthetically pleasing.

To get a look that’s just as striking but without the extra organisational hassle, you can hire beautiful, stylish chairs that coordinate with the look of your event while making a statement of their own. Allens Catering Equipment & Furniture Hire have a range of stunning seats in contemporary, traditional and retro styles as well as a wide selection of colours that will complement your event’s theme and wow your guests – all without a cover or ribbon in sight.

Our Ascot Medallion Chair, for instance offers elegant, retro charm to a formal dinner, while our banqueting chairs offer a more traditional look in a range of colours including striking silver and gold. Many of our chairs can even be customised with our coloured padded seats, which can be added to many chair options at no additional charge to reflect your event’s theme or even a brand identity.

All of our chairs are professionally cleaned, maintained and resprayed at our warehouse after every event so the chairs you choose will always look as good as new and meet our high standards.

Whether you have a wedding, party, conference or another event, Allens has a chair collection to suit your style. You can look through our range on our website, email us at [email protected], or call us on 020 8574 9600 for our London office, or 02380 652316 for the South Coast.