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Festive Glassware

16 Nov 10 By: Lene McGuinness

We have a great range of special glassware to amplify the tastes and aromas of the wines and spirits you'll be serving over this festive season.

Choose from a fantastic range of colours and styles.  If you wanting basic glassware for wine, choose from our savoie or verdi range, or if you want the finesse of crystal then choose open up or vinoteque.  Our siena range has a great long stemmed champagne glass.

We've a great range of coloured glassware for different purposes.  These are great for tumblers, cocktail glassware or water glasses.

For cocktail mixers or cocktails on the rocks you can't go wrong with our 10oz slim jims.

Quick glassware table tip:

  • The waterglass is usually placed leftmost on the right above the knife with other glasses arranged in the order they will be drank out of with the last glass furthest to the right.