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Five Creative Napkin Folding Ideas and Simple, Step-By-Step Guides

17 Dec 14 By: Lene McGuinness

You’re hosting a dinner party, you’ve decorated your space, chosen your glassware, dishes and cutlery; you’ve even got your hands on a beautiful tablecloth and linen napkins.

It’s all going to plan…until you realise that you’ve never folded a napkin before and you wouldn’t know a Cone Fold from a Bishop’s Hat. Fortunately, the internet is full of helpful how-to’s on all of the most common techniques, and many are a lot simpler than you think.

Here are five of our favourites, along with step by step guides:

1. The Bishop’s Hat

 Five Creative Napkin Folding Ideas 1

A classic dinner napkin fold, in which the cylindrical design sits at the centre of the side plate, The Bishop’s Hat is easier than it looks. Take a look at this YouTube tutorial to find out more.

2. The Three Pocket

 Five Creative Napkin Folding Ideas 2

The Three Pocket is essentially a fancy silverware pouch, but you can earn some extra style points by garnishing with flowers too. Again, YouTube has the play-by-play. All you have to do is click here.

3. The Pyramid

Five Creative Napkin Folding Ideas 3

It’s simple, it’s fast and, importantly, it looks great on just about any napkin. To highlight how straightforward it is, it has the shortest How To Video. Why not take a look?

4. The Diamond

Five Creative Napkin Folding Ideas 4

A favourite for soft linen napkins, the Diamond fold is sophisticated and certainly fitting for your big occasion. Again, it can be completed in a matter of moments. All you need is this YouTube Video.

5. The Shirt Fold

Five Creative Napkin Folding Ideas 5

Ok, so the Shirt Fold could never be considered high brow, but it is one of our favourite napkin folds; especially at dinner parties where it’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Click here for the How-To.

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