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Event Furniture You Want to Show Off

13 Jun 13 By: Lene McGuinness

As an event planner you’ll know that not every venue boasts a designer setting and while this isn’t great it isn’t the worst thing either - thanks to our range of furniture hire you’ll want to show off. 

So, your space is stuck in the 90s with a touch of bland, don’t panic. You can hire exciting furniture pieces that’ll transport your event into the 21st century, and most importantly, in style. 

If you’re in charge of creating a sophisticated bar space, we have various lounge concepts to suit your both your needs and your budget. Our Genoa, Milan and Turin collection is smart, sophisticated and consists of angular ottoman stools, similarly styled coffee table and buildable chair units. Their modular construction and black and white colour options allow you to create a unique seating setting by selecting pieces from any or all of the collections. When added to a plain banqueting room, their minimalist and classic contemporary design creates a fresh modern look your guests will love. 

Alongside a sleek, trendy lounge area you’ll need a bar but why settle for any old bar? With our buildable LED bar units, you can create a bar big enough to entertain with ease while wowing the crowd with its coloured, LED lighting that can flash, strobe or fade in 16 different shades.  You can also lift the area with our range of poseur tables or LED tables which come in various heights to serve as low profile coffee tables, dining tables or poseur tables at their maximum height. Just like the LED bar units, the tables are able to delight diners with a show of colour.