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Give your guests a taste for tapas

10 Aug 15

Tapas have never been more popular in the UK, with sales of chorizo and manchego soaring in supermarkets while tapas restaurants and even pincho (reallysmall plates) bars cropping up across the country. Some tapas bars are even offering complimentary sharing plates, with drinks, taking on a much more relaxed, continental feel and getting back to the authentic roots of tapas.

Of course, tapas make for an excellent menu at events of all kinds. The shareable nature of the food gets guests chatting and mingling, while the unthreatening nature of the small plates means that even the most unadventurous diner will be satisfied that they can try something. Go to any tapas restaurant and you’ll hear diners asking if they can try a bit of each other’s dish and this can create a really great vibe.  The small plates and bowls are ideal for sharing and passing between guests, giving everyone a chance to try something different.

And to really impress your guests, why not serve some of the most cutting edge, contemporary tapas along with more traditional fare? Amidst the morcilla and gambas pil pil, serve your guests contemporary fusion dishes such as duck marinated in tequila, vegetable tempura in cream or wild boar with honey aioli and spicy sausage to really tantalise their taste buds.

If you’re considering a tapas menu for your next event, contact us today on 0208 574 9600 (London) or 023 8065 2316 (South Coast) to discuss our tapas catering equipment selection, or browse and order the range on our site. Along with our Spanish tapas dishes, we have a selection of Japanese bento boxes and Asian small plates and bowls to help you serve up an Eastern-inspired menu or create an eclectic tapas fusion.