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Our new sophisticated yet robust Vinoteque Glassware range

25 Aug 09 By: Lene McGuinness

Luigi Bormioli have been manufacturing high-quality glass since 1946.  We carry an extensive range of their revolutionary new Vinoteque collection.  This range has been specifically designed to enhance user's appreciation of wine.

The glasses are lead free made containing only the purest sands, potash and other materials.  Their strength comes from the addition of titanium giving them exceptional quality and durability.  The stem, bowl and rim are 140% stronger than traditional chrystal.

Normally, this quality of glass would be prohibitively expensive but new technology is contributing to make these glasses much more affordable than their older counterparts.

Visit our glassware section of our catalogue to order online or speak to our sales staff on 020 8574 9600 to hear about how your events can be enhanced through the use of this spectacular new glassware.

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