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Three Cheers for Christmas Chairs

22 Nov 10 By: Lene McGuinness

Your choice of chairs for your christmas celebrations could liven up your party preparations.  Allens have a wide selection of chairs to hire.  Most catering equipment hire companies have the standard gold banqueting chair as their main offering.  Our banqueting chairs come in a wider range of colours than most other companies will offer. 

We also have the camelot chair, a more sophisticated alternative to the standard banqueting chair which comes in a still wider range of colours.

If black is what you are really looking for then consider the tall black or mandarin chairs.

The height of vogue over the last couple of years has been to go for a fully transparent chair - our phantom chair is the top of our range.

Our seatpads are usually included in the price of the chair where applicable and can be used to dramatic effect to suit your chosen decor.