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Serving craft beer at your event

01 Aug 17

Craft beer has taken the UK by storm in the last few years. There has been an explosion of micro- breweries across the country and now almost every UK county has its own craft beer. According to UHY Hacker Young, craft beer sales in the UK have been growing by 40% a year. The craft beer movement originally came from the US and some of the early UK microbreweries such as Dark Star in Sussex started to import US hops – bringing new flavours to the UK. With such diverse flavours being introduced or reintroduced to these shores, it's no surprise that the popularity of beer has soared.

It’s now not enough to serve a mass brand beer at an event; guests want something local – something new. It's not only novelty that guests are looking for, it's quality too, craft beer, with its myriad of flavours, can also serve as part of a tasting menu. 

If you plan on serving craft beer at your event here is our list of what you need to hire:

Beer glass hire

Craft beer comes in an array of flavours and strengths and depending on the type of beer(s) you choose for your event you may need a number of glasses, as a Belgian beer won’t be at its best in a pint glass.

There is currently a fashion for serving strong double, imperial or high alcohol beers in a brandy balloon glass, these glasses are shaped to gather flavour in the bowl and the base, giving the beer more intense notes. 

Tulip glasses are ideal Belgian styles, red ales and anything with a strong nose. The shape of the glass captures the flavour and focuses the aroma to your nose – it also helps create a fluffy head. Of course, these glasses also look pretty, making them perfect for those Instagram shots.

If you are serving beer at your event then you cannot forget the traditional pint glass. This great all-rounder is perfect if you are serving beer on tap. The slight bowl helps to trap aroma and flavour, and it creates a healthy head. While any beer will work in a pint glass, stouts, porters and other dark beers are at their best in this type of glass as it helps them breathe.

Ice buckets and bottle skips

If you are hosting a beer led event, then you will need a way of keeping your beer bottles chilled. At Allens Hire, we offer a number of icebox options such as drink chilling box and large ice bins. These are ideal if you don’t have anywhere to put a fridge or want to keep a stash of drinks close to the serving area. For on-table cooling options, you can choose one of our ice buckets such as the aluminium wine cooler, glass and perspex ice buckets.

Looking for beer glass hire? Then contact Allens Hire today!