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Top tips for hosting a coastal outdoor event

23 Jun 17

The UK has 17,820km (11,073 miles) of coastline and going to the seaside has long been a part of British culture. Hosting an event by the coast can have its challenges, but it’s easy to see the draw – beautiful views, fresh sea air and delicious seafood, to name but a few of the advantages.

While the view and what you will serve is one of the most important aspects of an event, you also need to think of the practicalities of organising an outdoor event by the sea. Here are four top tips on how to keep your guests happy at your outdoor coastal occasion: 


Whether you are by the coast or inland, your outdoor event will need some sort of shelter in case the elements are not on your side; weather can change quickly and with little warning when you are by the sea. Hiring a pop-up tent or gazebo will mean that your guests will have somewhere to shelter if the heavens do open, and it’s also a good idea to keep your bar or any equipment within the tent so it’s protected.


The wind can be an issue on the coast; even on what is otherwise a nice sunny day, freak gusts may cause havoc. The average wind speed on the South Coast is between 10-15 knots. To help keep your infrastructure stable, like tents or tables in place, it is worth hiring stackable weights. If you know you're hosting your event in an area prone to wind, ensure you hire furniture that has a little more weight to it; for example, opt for aluminium tables rather than plastic ones. 

Heat and shade

Again, when holding an outdoor event in the UK, it’s the weather that will give you the biggest headache. If you are holding an event that will go on into the night, it is advisable to have patio heaters, as it can get cold once the sun goes down.

Every now and again our island is blessed with blazing hot sunshine and, unlike rain, which is mostly unpleasant and inconvenient, being in too much sun can make some people ill. To avoid your guests getting heat exhaustion or heatstroke, make sure your tables are kitted out with umbrellas or parasols. Pop-up tents can also offer relief from the heat.

The local wildlife

While on the one side this might be a positive aspect, no one likes seagulls stealing their canapés. It can be difficult to keep the gulls away, unless you have a handy hawk or falcon; you can warn your guests to not feed them and shoo them away. Alternatively, you can use the colour red in your décor. The Scottish coastal town of Arbroath found that the colour red seems to deter seagulls. To discourage the gulls from stealing food you could opt to serve your offerings on our red Jars Stoneware plates or red zen square glass platter.

If you are holding an outdoor event along the South Coast then contact Allens Hire today! We have an array of catering equipment and furniture for hire, which will make your event stand out.