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What do your chairs say about the event?

19 Oct 15 By: Lene McGuinness

When organising an event, choosing particular aspects and design details may seem insignificant during the early stages of the planning process. However, here at Allens Hire we are well aware that our customers are increasingly inspired by the style of certain products which then dictates the overall theme of their event. Even the little details can inspire, including, believe it or not – chair hire.

Ascot Medallion Chair
Our Ascot Medallion Chair is fast becoming a bestseller, and it’s easy to see why. The elegant and stylish Ascot Medallion would suit almost any event due to the monochrome colour scheme and vintage shape, fitting into a large venue or smaller, more intimate, setting.  It has rapidly become one of our most popular hired chairs for weddings, parties, charity balls and corporate events.

What does the Ascot Medallion say about your event? Graceful and chic.

Black Mandarin Chair
The Black Mandarin Chair has also become increasingly popular due to the classic and comfortable style. Suited to any event, the Black Mandarin is a supremely sophisticated chair designed to be understated and simple. With the minimalist design and neutral hues, this chair does not need to be covered if used at a wedding reception or corporate event. (Take a look at our blog about the variety of chairs we have available that are too beautiful to be covered up!)

What does the Black Mandarin say about your event? Classic and tasteful.

Tall Black Chair
The aptly named Tall Black Chair would make the perfect addition to a grand, formal event. The Tall Black Chair is regal-looking and striking, making it ideal for a business dinner or winter party. Don’t forget – all of our chairs are professionally cleaned and resprayed at our warehouse after every event, ensuring the chairs you choose to hire are always in pristine condition.

What does the Tall Black Chair say about your event? Formal and elegant.

Camelot Chair
Our Camelot Chair is available in an assortment of beautiful colours and has been the perfect addition to many rural and vintage themed weddings. Adding a delicate pop of colour, the Camelot would also be ideal for a christening, tea party or family events; shades such as bronze, gold and silver are easily incorporated with other tones depending on the theme of the occasion.

What does the Camelot Chair say about your event? Relaxed and rustic.

No matter what type of event you are hosting, be it a wedding, conference or ball, Allens Hire has a wide variety of chairs to suit your style. You are able to look at the entire range on our website. To discuss further, email us at [email protected] or call us on 020 8574 9600 for our London office, or 023 8065 2316 for the South Coast.