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How to BBQ like a professional

01 Jun 22

As the weather starts to warm up and the British summertime begins, you might already be planning your first BBQ of the year and starting preparations for your next cookout. This is what hot July evenings are made of; the air filled with the smell of a perfectly grilled burger and a cold drink in hand. However, in order to make sure your BBQ goes off without a hitch, it’s important that you have everything you could possibly need to keep the party going well into the night.

At Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire, we have a fabulous selection of products to help you grill like a professional and produce delicious food that will impress your guests. Whether you are searching for a specialist piece of grilling equipment or appliance, the perfect cooking utensils, or outdoor seating, we can offer you great quality BBQ items for hire. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ways you can BBQ like a professional, with all the ways you can make sure you’re prepared for whatever outdoor summer bash you have planned.

  1. Choose the right cooking appliance

If you are planning on hosting a BBQ, the type of appliance you choose to grill on can have a huge impact on the success your event. Finding a BBQ grill that can cater for the capacity of your outdoor occasion, as well as cook the meat evenly and to a high standard, is extremely important. Are you going to use gas or coals? Do you need any specialist equipment, like hog roasts? Is there space in the venue for all the necessary appliances?

At Allens Hire, we have a great choice of cooking appliances to suit any and all needs, including a wide variety of BBQ grills available for rent. We have both charcoal and gas options in a number of sizes, so that you can find a grill that meets your personal preferences and fulfils whatever you need it to do. Not only this, but we also sell all the supplies you need to power your grill, from gas cylinders to bags of charcoal

Choose the right cooking appliance

  1. Create the perfect atmosphere

There are many ways to create a great atmosphere for your outdoor event and BBQ, one that will keep the party going all throughout the evening and that your guests will love. An easy way to do this is by selecting the right décor, from fairy lights to tableware, tables and chairs, you can produce a beautiful outdoor event with these simple touches.

At Allens Hire, we have a great choice of décor, tableware, and seating options that you can hire for your BBQ to create the perfect atmosphere. Our rattan wicker tables and chairs are particularly popular amongst our customers for this type of event, weatherproof and lightweight so they are easy to move around, and also with a beautiful finish that looks fantastic.

Create the perfect atmosphere

  1. Plan your outdoor feast

When preparing to host any kind of outdoor catered event, it’s vital that you plan what food and beverages you will offer guests in advance. Will you have sides and snacks available as well as what’s on the grill? What alcoholic and soft drinks will you have and will guests be expected to bring anything? Most importantly, does anyone on your guestlist have allergies or dietary requirements that need to be considered? For example, are any guests vegetarian who require meat-free options. These are all things that you might want to consider when planning for a BBQ.

Plan your outdoor feast

  1. Find the best cuts

When meat is at the centre of your event it’s important that you do your research and find the best quality cuts of meat that will impress those attending. To do this find a local butchers who have a good reputation, as well as one who can properly cater for the amount of guests you have attending your BBQ.

Prepare a great marinade to soak your meat in overnight, the day before the BBQ, and have a variety of options available so that your guests can pick their favourite. Whether you decide on classic burgers and hotdogs, or go for something a little more impressive like a ribeye or kebabs, finding a good quality cut of meat will ensure the success of any BBQ.

Find the best cuts

  1. Be prepared for anything

However, with all of these steps considered, the British summertime can be extremely unpredictable and change from one moment to the next. Whilst it can be 30 degrees and sunny, it can also be pouring down with rain within the same hour, which is why it is so important that you prepare for any weather that could potentially spoil your BBQ.

A marquee or tent can be the perfect solution, acting as a protective canopy for your BBQ and other cooking appliances, so that even summer showers can’t stop you from grilling delicious burgers for all your guests. It also means that there is a place for guests to stand and shelter from the rain, or even from the sun’s powerful rays, whatever the weather the party can carry on. At Allens Hire, we have a choice of pop-up tents, parasols, and weights to keep everything secure, all available to rent for your BBQ. 

Be prepared for anything

If you have any further questions or enquiries about our BBQ supplies available at Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Our team have years of experience helping people create their dream occasions.