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Cocktail trends: our 3 predictions for 2016

22 Dec 15

With 2016 fast approaching and the ever-changing cocktail trends in the UK showing new developments in what is popular, here we have collated a list of the most common as well as new and upcoming cocktails. Although it is still a favourite for many, the classic Mojito is no longer the most prevalent cocktail in the UK. 


Customise your own bar at your next event

16 Dec 15

No matter what type of event you are hosting, whether it is a corporate function, a wedding, a charity event or otherwise, your guests are going to want to be able to find the bar with ease. That’s why here at Allens Hire we have a number of mix and match options in terms of bars, tables and bar stools to customise your own bar area to suit the style and size of your event.


Classic, rustic or glamorous? A guide for themed events

07 Dec 15 By: Lene McGuinness

Allens Hire have furniture and catering equipment for hire to fit in with any style of event. Find out more about the various party themes which are currently popular in the event industry. You might be surprised just how simple it could be to get these themes for your event.