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Jars Orange Plate 10.3"



£1.81 each

26.2 cm

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Discover the breathtaking Orange Plate by Jars Stoneware available for hire from Allens.

These masterfully handcrafted plates are part of the wonderful Jars Stoneware range and they are perfect examples of designs for earthy, coloured tableware; inspired by the rustic, stone villas of rural France and Spain.

Jars Stoneware is one of France’s most respected producers of dishwasher and microwave safe tableware. Our glazed Jars Orange Plates, designed by Pierre Casenove, are simple, unfussy and yet extraordinary, thanks to the experimentation and pure alchemy which brought them to life.

No two handmade Orange Plates are truly the same, their tiny imperfections and patterns making each one special. They are more than a table setting. They are a talking point. This makes them perfect for any event.