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8' X 3' Section Table

8' X 3' Section Table 295X295


£25.51 each

245 cm x 90 cm
96" x 36"

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Easily collapsible and even easier to set up, these 8ft x 3ft section tables are  a very popular size for creating the ideal wedding top table, or a table fit for a banquet or formal dinner table.  They can be used in pairs or together with our other 3ft wide sized sections to create whatever sized table you require.  Seating 8 very comfortably, a half moon or D End table can also be attached to create oval shaped tables depending on your requirements. Order online now or contact a member of our team today to discuss you’re your seating or table requirements and remember these tables are designed to be decorated with our vast array of table linen. 

See our FAQ for recommended sizes of tables to order