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Vinoteque Wine Decanter



£12.97 each

2 L
68 oz

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The Vinoteque wine decanter has been beautifully designed to preserve and enhance the flavours of all types of wine and will make a beautiful addition to your event as a more elegant option to a bottle of wine. The Vinoteque range of lead free crystal glassware by designer Luigi Bormioli is more than just an ornate addition to your fine dining event, but a hugely important part of the entire wine drinking experience as vast amounts of effort have been put into it to enhance aromas and optimise the flavours of wine. The Vinoteque wine decanter’s shape concentrates the aromas as well as letting them breathe and is a must have for your table. To discuss the full range of Vinoteque glassware for hire or the full range of furniture and catering equipment for hire at Allens, contact a member of our team today.