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Heated Hand Wash Sink 3kw



£107.49 each

H 86cm | W 55.3cm | D 50.4cm
H 33.9" | W 21.8" | D 19.8"

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If you are planning on having some form of catering at your next event or special occasion it’s important that you have everything you need for every step of the process. From preparation to placing a beautiful plate of food in front of a guest, it’s vital that you and your catering team don’t have to worry about a thing on the day of your event.

At Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire, we offer the rental of professional kitchen equipment and appliances so that you can create stunning dishes that are sure to impress. But aside from that, your kitchen should have access to facilities that help ensure good hygiene practices when preparing food for guests, no matter how many are being served.  

That’s why we also have heated hand wash sinks available for any event or occasion you have planned, whether you are preparing a wedding banquet or buffet for a corporate event. Good hygiene practices are important whilst catering and therefore it’s key that your kitchen team can wash their hands between courses and the preparation of different meals so as to avoid making themselves or guests unwell.

Our heated hand wash sinks help to kill bacteria when you wash your hands with soap, running on 3kw of power. They’re ideal for outdoor events where access to facilities like this are sparse, having a soap tray included. The water is kept at a good safe temperature where it cannot scald those using it, as well as having a foot pump for the utmost hygiene.

If you require a portable heated hand sink for your next catered event, contact Allens Hire and our team will be happy to help you with whatever you need, so that you can create a special occasion to remember.

This Heated Hand Wash Sink 3kw is designed as a mobile sink for outside catering.

25 litres capacity
3kw 240v 13amp
Includes a 1/9 gallon pot as a soap tray 
Pressure cut out to prevent tank from boiling dry. 

The waste water tank is easily removable for emptying. The water temperature is kept at 42 degrees for comfort and safety. The soap tray is lifted out to allow easy refilling of the tank. The foot operated pump activates the tap for maximum hygiene. The wheels on the back of the unit allow it to be tipped back and wheeled to a different location when not in use. There is also a handle fitted to the back to make it easy to move.

Operating & Safety Leaflet
HAE Electrical Safety Testing Code of Practice 2012