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Paella pan and burner set



£175.65 each

100 cm Pan and 70 cm Gas Prof burner
3.3 Ft Pan and 2.3 Ft Gas Prof Burner

Product Details

If you are planning on hosting a wedding, family party, corporate function or some other form of catered event then you might want to offer something a little different than your typical catering spread. Have you considered hiring a Paella pan, stand & burner? At Allens Catering Equipment and Furniture Hire, we provide a wide range of professional specialist kitchen equipment and appliances to create a variety of unique and interesting dishes that your guests are sure to remember. Specifically, Allens Hire have a paella pan and burner set to create a wonderful Spanish-inspired meal to have as a side or main at your buffet or formal dinner.

Our paella equipment hire is just the thing you need to cook a delicious meal that everyone will enjoy and is a great option is you are planning on hosting an event outdoors. The set itself has everything you need to create this traditional Spanish paella dish, including a pan, wooden spoon, paella pan stand and burner. The paella pan is a high quality piece of equipment, made from polished stainless steel and carefully maintained in between each hiring. It’s large enough to create large quantities of paella at a time, serving 75-80 people, so is just the thing you need if your planning on inviting lots of people to your special occasion. Powered by a gas burner, Allens Hire can provide you with everything you need to keep cooking paella throughout the day and into the evening, offering gas cannisters for hire as well.

Overall, the Paella pan, burner & stand is a great set of professional grade kitchen equipment that could be just the thing you need to spice up any catered event or celebration, offering the perfect solution to feed lots of people at once. Talk to our friendly and knowledgeable sales team who will help you to hire all the products you need to create the perfect event. Contact us today if you are interested in hiring our paella pan and burner set, as well as any of our other products for rental. 

-  100 cm Polished Steel Paella Pan
-  80 cm Stainless Steel Paela spoon with beech handle
-  70 cm Gas Prof Burner with FSDs (Flame supervision devices - in this case cut off valves for each ring)
-  Gas hose and propane regulator included
-  Runs on propane gas
-  Extra strong braced tripod stand
-  CE Certified
-  Serves 70 to 85 people

Operating & Safety Leaflet - Paella Pan and Burner Set
Safety & Connection Leaflet - LPG Cylinders
HAE LPG Code of Practice Oct 2013